August update!

General / 03 August 2018

GUYS! Its August! Do you know what that means?! It means the kids are back in school, WoW has a new expansion and summer is finally over! I have good news for arts and commissions too. :D 

Real talk time.

Recently I've done a lot of thinking about my future. One part of that has been bouncing around my head a lot is getting a grip on where my life is going. Its no secret the first 10 years of my life were stressful and no the best with keeping my finances in order. Pretty much I did what I needed to to keep my kids fed and my lights on and it put me in debt. 

Thanks to my day job I can do that without much stress. I am finally feeling like I'm not robbing Peter to pay Paul. I'm almost comfortable. But life is a fickle bitch. Life with 3 kids is even more so. My day job income goes to keeping the lights on and what they need but it doesn't scratch the surface of the extra debt. I can't put money aside for a savings or family vacations or go to conventions knowing I have this mark on my soul. I want nothing more than to fix it and be the best parent and content creator I can be. 

Thankfully my debt is under 10k not including my car. Its a very do-able dream to accomplish. :) 

I'm setting new goals for myself to get myself out of the debt the last 10 years put me in and I'm hoping it can bring art to your awesome hands. If you would like to know what my debts are and how I'm going about handling them please DM me. I'm working hard to be a more responsible person vs a person just trying to survive. 

What are these new goals? How does this effect you? 

  • I'm starting off easy with 3-4 commissions done a week. This is very do-able if I keep to it. This brings more art to your hands and more content for streams too! Patreon's in the Thank you Box have first access to the commissions monthly! So keep your eyes out for coupons. :)
  • More active community. I'll be aiming to grow as many of my communities as I can where ever I can. Any sharing you guys can do will help me so much. By making more art we'll be out there more and growing more as a family! 
  • More merch options! Any non-commission art will be hitting my store so everyone can enjoy it IRL as well as digital. :D Please feel free to suggest merch designs. What do YOU want?
  • Partnerships, sponsors and not being scared. I am terrified of being seen as what I'm not. I'm not greedy but talking about my sponsorships and partnerships always makes me feel that way. That'll be gone. I'm pushing for Partner with Mixer as just an artist starting first! :) 

How can you help?  I'm not asking you guys to donate or buy a TON of art. 

  • Sharing my posts, not just my "commissions are open" posts. Any reach I can get to get new clients would help me amazingly! 
  • Comments and likes on my work help TONS too! This helps with algorithms and the way my work is shared in exploration areas. :) 
  • Keep me honest too. If you see me working on anything that isn't patreon or commissions yell at me! Same goes with slacking on streams or not engaging. Tag me and holler at me. lol 

I want to up the content on here also to give more value to being a sub via Patreon. If you want to suggest anything please feel free to comment!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please don't think I'm asking for a hand out but rather a statement of what your contribution is going to. I have things I want to do. New projects I want to tackle like photography portraits, more travel to cons and exploring different art mediums to name a few. But after I beat this boss called debt. :) 

Contact info

General / 08 February 2018

Opening commissions

General / 22 January 2018

I am honestly so nervous to open commissions again.

 I got through the holidays for 3 kids and family without having to add that stress and TBH I'm dreading it now. I need to keep commissions low. I have a day job, 3 kids, a house and more to keep in mind plus patreon / my own art and even more. I hope I really don't burn out. I love working with people and flushing out ideas with them but it's the horrible clients that make me not want to do them. I really hope this time around people can be nice. 

So why now? I have $1900 to pay back in moving debt that i really need to pay back. A debt is a mark on the soul, after all. 

I really hope that everyone can be nice. If you're interested in commissioning me please check out or the other tabs on this site. :) 

Let's do this 

Sorry for the spam

General / 28 December 2017

When I found ArtStation a year ago I was so excited to embark on a new adventure. But life happened and I got busy. I was working a new job and felt my art wasn't good enough for the site. 

Now that I have this awesome new job and I'm not so worried about making commissions to pay my bills I am so excited to have time to really focus on the quality of my art. I am determined to show the progress I've made this year and move onto next year. Hence the spam! I will try my best to really keep things up to date as much as possible. 

Thank you to everyone that's supported til now and welcome new family. ♥