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General / 08 February 2018

Opening commissions

General / 22 January 2018

I am honestly so nervous to open commissions again.

 I got through the holidays for 3 kids and family without having to add that stress and TBH I'm dreading it now. I need to keep commissions low. I have a day job, 3 kids, a house and more to keep in mind plus patreon / my own art and even more. I hope I really don't burn out. I love working with people and flushing out ideas with them but it's the horrible clients that make me not want to do them. I really hope this time around people can be nice. 

So why now? I have $1900 to pay back in moving debt that i really need to pay back. A debt is a mark on the soul, after all. 

I really hope that everyone can be nice. If you're interested in commissioning me please check out or the other tabs on this site. :) 

Let's do this 

Sorry for the spam

General / 28 December 2017

When I found ArtStation a year ago I was so excited to embark on a new adventure. But life happened and I got busy. I was working a new job and felt my art wasn't good enough for the site. 

Now that I have this awesome new job and I'm not so worried about making commissions to pay my bills I am so excited to have time to really focus on the quality of my art. I am determined to show the progress I've made this year and move onto next year. Hence the spam! I will try my best to really keep things up to date as much as possible. 

Thank you to everyone that's supported til now and welcome new family. ♥